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Yoda Explains The Force.

A mythical explanation of The Force, the living and animating universal power described in mystical and religious texts as chi, prana, life force, elan vital, orgone. It’s my perspective the Living Force in Christianity is called the holy spirit, or The Word.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is scientifically proven to …

  • Overcome stress (University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2003)
  • Boost your creativity (ScienceDaily, 2010)
  • Improve your sex life and increase your libido (The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2009)
  • Cultivate healthy habits that lead to weight loss (Journal Emotion, 2007)
  • Improve digestion and lower blood pressure (Harvard Medical School)
  • Decrease your risk of heart attack (The Stroke Journal, 2009)
  • Help overcome anxiety, depression, anger and confusion (Psychosomatic Medicine, 2009)
  • Decrease perception of pain and improve cognitive processing (Wake Forest University School of Medicine, 2010)
  • Increase your focus and attention (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007)
  • Increase the size of your most important organ – your brain! (Harvard University Gazette, 2006)
  • The Sound the Universe Makes.

    We think of space as a silent place. But physicist Janna Levin says the universe has a soundtrack — a sonic composition that records some of the most dramatic events in outer space. (Black holes, for instance, bang on spacetime like a drum.) An accessible and mind-expanding soundwalk through the universe.


    10 Ways to Love According to the Bible.

    • Listen without interrupting. ~ Proberbs 18
    • Speak without Accusing. ~ James 1:19
    • Give without Sparing. ~ Proverbs 21:26
    • Pray without Ceasing. ~ Colossians 1:9
    • Answer without Arguing. ~ Proverbs 17:1
    • Share without Pretending. ~ Ephesians 4:15
    • Enjoy without Complaint. ~ Philippians 2:14
    • Trust without Wavering. ~ 1 Corinthians 13:7
    • Forgive without Punishing. ~ Colossians 3:13
    • Promise without Forgetting. ~ Proberbs 13:12