Vibroacoustics for Depression

Conclusions High Amplitude Low Frequency–Music Impulse Stimulation treatment seems to give beneficial effect as an add‐on treatment for depression. HALF‐MIS appears to be a safe and effective add‐on treatment for depression.

Eighteen patients were randomized to the add‐on treatment and 20 patients to the control group. Both groups show in Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS)‐17 and in HDRS‐6, although the HALF‐MIS group had a greater decline of symptoms. This was a significant difference in intergroup analysis (p = .011, CI 95% for the HALF‐MIS group 3.0588–8.5327 and CI 95% for the control group 0.2384–3.0). The (HDRS)‐6 difference was also significant (p = .020, CI 95% for the HALF‐MIS group 1.5911–5.0487 and for the control group −0.297 to 1.7058). No side effects were observed.”