One of the most common phrases I hear when playing my style of music is that the natives are restless. There is a deep, tribal element inherent to music and improvisational styles. Soulful music is native to each person. Music makes a person dance, move, and groove. Their heart steps into motion.

Each of the musicians with whom I’ve had the delight to collaborate with have one common element ; the pure love of music. In talking with each participants, their musical lineage starts with stories about home, mom and dad, family and their childhood and how music has been an integral part of life.

Music remains a universal language that creates community, develops relationship and nurtures home.

Being a native is about family, tribe, community and home.

Born in West Virginia, a regular phrase in these parts is that a person is a West Virginian native. I’ve been asked if it has anything to do with being an Indian Native, or if its disrespectful of them to use the phrase native.

We are one human tribe.

We are all natives of earth.

This is home for us all.

In community, relationship and dialogue we have the opportunity to prosper, thrive and co-create a world of respect, dignity and love.

Music is a calling, the vocation, the journey for the restless who are never at rest in service of community, family and the world.

Sit back, and enjoy our co-creative, heartfelt visionary expression.