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Niche marketing services for entrepreneurs integrating technology, innovation and relationships.


The needs of every entrepreneur are unique. We will custom tailor your online presence to fit your style, target demographics, and communicate your message to the world.


Powerful, complete websites you control. Blogs, ecommerce, SEO, social media, and mobile friend. If none of that makes sense to you, contact me anyways!


Professional management of your social media platforms, newsletters and campaigns.


Creation and management of online sales channels using websites, eBay, Amazon, Google, Etsy, and Facebook.


PayPal, Stripe, Square, Authorize, GooglePay and MORE.


Building a website is only the first step. If you need support managing a campaign, or wish to learn how to do it all yourself, I can show you how.

Charles Molyneaux, Entrepreneur & Father

To Whom It May Concern,

Over the course of the last two decades, Keith has constructed approximately a dozen Web sites of varying complexities to address various marketing activities by my several companies. These sites have been visionary in design, practical in use, self-maintainable in the main, and supported. I would recommend Primal Fire Design to those interested in Web Site construction for any venture.

Best Regards,

Chuck M.

Andie Levine, Owner, Atlantic Organic

While Keith was building our website, he taught me how to enter and edit images as well as text and I was able to use these skills to make changes to our website after the construction was done. This has been a useful skill & is very much appreciated, I was grateful to have Keith teach me. Our website is beautiful and we really appreciate Keith’s work.

~ Andie Levine

Melanie Rios, Executive Director, Lost Valley

To whom it may concern,

Keith Molyneaux has put us in the driver’s seat of our website, no longer dependent on experts to modify our messages to the world. In addition to being a skilled web designer, Keith also contributed to our community through offering his music, yoga classes, and excellent cooking.

Melanie Rios, Executive Director

Michelle Herrera

I am very pleased with the work that Keith did to reformat my son’s memorial website so I can post photos, tributes, videos, and anything we want to add in memory of our son. He worked efficiently, teaching me what I needed to know to update the site on my own, and he was attentive to my requests and needs. I would choose Keith again to work on my next website.

Gwendolyn Hall, Owner of Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

Keith totally re-created my website to a vision that captures, and enhances the atmosphere of my restaurant. He is an understanding listener and interpreter of ideas, as Keith totally re-created my website to a vision that captures, and enhances the atmosphere of my restaurant. He is an understanding listener and interpreter of ideas, as well as a patient and effective teacher. I believe his yogic background helps to communicate with focused awareness and intention which comes out in his work. I now have the site in a fashion which I helped to design. Most importantly, I now have the learning tools through Keith’s web-site which empower me to continue to create and monitor in an ongoing basis.

Joanna Dembek, Massage Therapist

Keith designed and created a website for my massage practice a few years ago. He has been a great guide and teacher in making sure I can make changes to the site by myself (meaning I don’t have to depend on him to do the work and pay him every time I want to change something!) Then, while I was out of the country for a year, I forgot to keep up with the payments for my site to stay on the web. I returned to the US wanting to reopen my business with no clue of how to get the site back up.

Keith has been nothing but amazing in his ability to listen and understand, really GETS what I need and want and is very patient and communicative with me. Leave it to Keith to save the day! Now I don’t have to start from scratch again! Thank you so much Keith for all your hard work and time you have spent explaining how things work.

Tara Darlene Diamante` Canhos, Owner

I have been working with Keith for over 4 years. He has created my entire website and continues to work regularly on maintaining and updating our information. Keith assisted me in the process of capturing photographs and unique design concepts to create the look that best suits our needs.

He is creative, honest/ trust worthy, innovative, fast and convenient to work with. I recommend him regularly to everyone in need of his services.

With Best Regards,

~ Tara Darlene Diamante` Canhos ~ ~ A Legacy Website, No Longer Updated.

Stephen, Owner, US1 Computer Works

I’ve known Keith for many years now and he has been handling all my websites. Keith got my business onto the first page of a Google search, which has helped my business greatly. Thank you Keith for the many years of service.

Patricia Roberts, Photographer

Keith designed and implemented my photography website. He listened to what I wanted the website to look like and he incorporated my ideas and made suggestions so that it would not only look good but advanced in his approach not to just have a website but a broadcasting platform that reaches the entire world. His work is excellent and good work speaks volumes! THANK YOU KEITH!

S. Tanner, Deland Tiki

I couldn’t speak more highly of Keith’s work on both our websites, they both turned out exactly how we envisioned. He was able to take a list of ideas and wants and in short order turn them into functional websites that have enabled us to have online sales from all over the world, while still being clearly in our aesthetic and personality. He was able to answer questions clearly and in a way that as website newbies we were able to understand, and finished them quickly with not a problem to speak of. We have been told by many clients at how professional the site looks, and it makes us so proud. I recommend him to anyone looking for a website that will transform their business nearly overnight. (~circa 2005)