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Deeply relaxing, stress-reducing yoga brought to your business or event!

Reduce stress at your company with corporate yoga. Accessible yoga taught by a professional yoga instructor who understands the business world. Easy to learn postures that are dignified and workplace appropriate. Breath practices to calm the mind, generate inspiration, and re-energize the entire being.

This yoga class makes basics of yoga accessible in an intelligent and easy to learn philosophical framework appropriate for the corporate environment.

The benefits of bringing yoga to the workplace are well-known.

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety.
  • Lower Blood Pressure.
  • Calm the Breath.
  • Enhance Energy.
  • Develop Emotional Awareness.

You will learn:

  • Basic Yogic Relaxation Theories.
  • Breathing Techniques to Calm the Mind.
  • Simple Postures to Relax the Body.
  • Effective Practices to Reduce Stress and Deepen Relaxation.


Joan St. Clair, Owner @ Studio8

Keith has offered several events at Studio 8 Yoga & Wellness. On every occasion he’s been prompt, prepared and knowledgable about the topics he has discussed. Keith’s musical talents and knowledge of yoga have gained him many return clients to his events. Keith is also known for donating a portion of the proceeds from his events to a program for aspiring young musicians. Keith was also instrumental in planning a very successful fundraiser for fellow musical artists in Huntington.

Angela Cox, RN

I’ve worked as a Registered Nurse for nearly ten years. Spending long hours on my feet, bending and twisting in ways the body is not meant to bend and twist, and working in a high stress environment eventually takes a toll on your mind and body. The last few years I’ve been experiencing lots of pain in various parts of my body.

I don’t like taking medication so I began looking for alternative ways to alleviate my pain. My doctor suggested I try yoga.

I’m so glad I took her advice. I took a few private lesson and immediately begin to feel relief in my neck pain so I decided to take Keith’s beginner yoga class. Combining the techniques I learned from the private lesson and the postures I learned in Keith’s class I have received significant reduction in my pain.

Some days I’m completely pain free.

Keith’s class taught me proper technique in postures and proper yoga breathing. One benefit that I received from the class that I never expected was the relaxation and stress reduction benefits yoga can provide. I’m very glad I took this class and would recommended this class for anyone looking to relieve pain, gain strength and flexibility, and lose a little stress in your life!!

Lindsay Schooler, Happy Goat Yoga

The first experience our yoga community had with Keith and the Living Artisan experience left us with a profound impact. The live music experience is energetically magical. In my humble travels and trainings, I had never found the fully rounded experience that comes at you, into and through you from every sense. Keith taught us how to connect to ourselves, to fully experience ourselves, to honor ourselves, and he did this in a way that both made sense and deeply resonated with all in attendance, however varied their life or personality may be. We treasure his visits and trust you will too.

Lindsay Schooler, 200 E-RYT
Happy Goat Yoga, Wheeling, WV

Aggie R.

Due to spondylolythesis, i have had chronic back pain for 40 years along with chronic sciatica for 30 years. When i got married 25 years ago, our service was extremely short because the bride couldn’t stand for very long; however, with the help of yoga i ‘m now in two choirs which one can’t do without being able to stand up for extended periods of time! yes to yoga.

Marsha Bishop

When I release into the embrace of Keith’s class, I release into a wonderous blend of postures for my mind and body. Lead by Keith’s deep reassuring voice, I breath in, I breath out, I move into the posture, hold, feel the sensation, move out of the posture, do nothing, and then move into the next posture over and over and over again, letting go more easily with each class into deep shavasana as a bit more of my true self emerges into the final 0M of that class. Ahhhhh. Listen to my heart beat. Keith is one of the very few yoga teachers I have found over the years whose approach to yoga merges with mine both on and off the mat.

Mimi M.

Thank you very, very much for being such an awesome instructor. I truly believe you have a gift for sharing and mentoring. i look forward to continuing yoga with your guidance and expertise. And you wear a yoda shirt, how cool is that? We need to find a yoga mat for you with yoda on it and the force will be complete.


Keith has been a great, deep, breath of fresh air for me and for my yoga practice. Blending his experience and considerable talents, he has crafted a unique and deeply personal approach to teaching. With wisdom, compassion and humor, he guides his students with gentle encouragement and support to help every body receive the full benefit of each posture. He smiles and says, “That’s good enough.” And it is. He urges us to explore beyond the physical sensations of each posture by examining what happens after we complete a sequence or pose. “The Big Nothing” seemed funny, at first. Once I stopped focusing on fixing my clothes, I quickly found that the space between postures is just as powerful as the postures themselves. Attending to each movement – experiencing the contrast with each still moment – has kept me present, allowed me to find subtle interest that deepens my understanding and amplifies the intensity of even the simplest position. I’ve also come to love the experience of the breathing and humming harmonium. Keith compliments his instruction with a variety of instruments and his lovely, sonorous voice. Sound swells and fills the space, uniting the class in an energetic vibration that can be, by turn, enlivening or calming, thunderous or soothing. As abruptly as it started, it is over and the space in the room opens and the space within opens – to the emptiest kind of quiet. And that is why I do yoga with Keith.

Sean M., JAG Lawyer

Your yoga classes were excellent–and so much more than I expected. As a Soldier, I’ve experienced a variety of approaches to physical fitness, and expected your class to be just another alternative. I really didn’t appreciate the integrative, whole-life value of yoga until I started taking your class. I’d recommend it for anybody, regardless of gender, age, or profession!

Beverly R. Fletcher

Keith’s class was an inspiration that addressed my needs in a holistic way. All aspects of who I am was touched–body, mind, spirit/soul. I tried another class when I left Kripalu–I injured myself and then gave up. I believe Keith’s class keeps me grounded and prevents me from doing the “competitive/jock” things that cause me injury. Thank you Keith–your yoga class was a wonderful nourishing experience!