Keith has been a great, deep, breath of fresh air for me and for my yoga practice. Blending his experience and considerable talents, he has crafted a unique and deeply personal approach to teaching. With wisdom, compassion and humor, he guides his students with gentle encouragement and support to help every body receive the full benefit of each posture. He smiles and says, “That’s good enough.” And it is. He urges us to explore beyond the physical sensations of each posture by examining what happens after we complete a sequence or pose. “The Big Nothing” seemed funny, at first. Once I stopped focusing on fixing my clothes, I quickly found that the space between postures is just as powerful as the postures themselves. Attending to each movement – experiencing the contrast with each still moment – has kept me present, allowed me to find subtle interest that deepens my understanding and amplifies the intensity of even the simplest position. I’ve also come to love the experience of the breathing and humming harmonium. Keith compliments his instruction with a variety of instruments and his lovely, sonorous voice. Sound swells and fills the space, uniting the class in an energetic vibration that can be, by turn, enlivening or calming, thunderous or soothing. As abruptly as it started, it is over and the space in the room opens and the space within opens – to the emptiest kind of quiet. And that is why I do yoga with Keith.