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Experience yoga as a body-mind practice. Vitalize the spirit and soothe the soul.

A class format designed especially for beginners, where the essential basics of breath, alignment, and philosophy are explored. Learn how deep breathing, conscious movement and deliberate relaxation combine into a meditative practice.

Available for learners of any age, this class covers what you need to be confident in a yoga class. Learn how to move safely and protect your body and how have proper alignment and relax into yoga postures. Experience yoga as a stress relieving practice with natural deep breathing.

Using ‘surya namaskar’, the sun salutation, as the basis for postures, learn the basic techniques for alignment and how to apply them to other more advanced postures.

Ancient philosophy is framed and presented with modern allegory and scientific references. Abstract philosophical concepts are made accessible through presentation and direct experience.

Beginners yoga is offered as an introductory workshop, as a class series, or through private instruction.

Yoga has many known benefits.

  • Improve sleep.
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety.
  • Lower Blood Pressure.
  • Calm the Breath.
  • Enhance Energy.
  • Give Relief from PTSD, Grief, Addictions, Trauma, & Abuses.
  • Support Emotional Integration.
  • Develop Self-Awareness.

This yogic relaxation class is an experiential practice, where discussion is intermixed with practice. As the class progresses, the techniques are explained and understood through first hand experience.

You will learn:

  • Surya Namaskar, the sun salutation.
  • How to move the body in alignment with breath.
  • How to discover proper physical alignment within postures.
  • How to connect the mind to the body, creating the mind-body practice.
  • Basic Yogic Relaxation Theories.
  • Breathing Techniques to Calm the Mind.
  • Simple Postures to Relax the Body.
  • Effective Practices to Reduce Stress and Deepen Relaxation.
  • Methods for Quieting the Mind and Sleeping.


Ellen Welch

I have taken Yoga four or five different classes/instructors and Keith’s class makes me feel like I can continue Yoga. The other classes were too hard. I also like the background information that he teaches and his philosophy about Yoga and relationships. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking Keith’s yoga classes. The classes are easy to learn and are a great opportunity to become more flexible and relaxed. Keith also offers great insights into Yoga practices on the mat and in life.

Elizabeth Schley

Twice, I have experienced Keith’s didgeridoo music, and both times were memorable. The first time was after yoga practice. A small group of us lay on the floor, both listening to and feeling the vibration of Keith’s playing. It felt universal, like the effect of the word OM in its purest form. The second time, Keith played his CD for me. Again, the music vibrated throughout my body in an elemental way. Later that night I went to hear a friend play guitar and sing. Affected by the didgeridoo music, I felt my friend’s music resonating within my internal organs. My ability to listen had expanded beyond simply hearing to become a complete body experience.

Deanna Winslow

Your class has been so much more than I anticipated – thank you!

Chris Friedman Owner, Studio 206

“Keith Molyneaux is a sincere and dedicated yoga teacher and practitioner. He brings a depth of knowledge to his classes, guiding students effectively into the poses, taking them deeper into self awareness and building strength and flexibility with gentle and firm authority. His voice is resonant and encouraging, his manner welcoming and heartfelt, he is reliable and trustworthy. His personal practice is clear and illustrative. Keith is an excellent yoga teacher to have on staff. I highly recommend him.”

Mimi M.

Thank you for leading such a good class today. I always feel so much better (physically and emotionally) after a session with you and I hope you know how much of a difference you make with your generous spirit and good energy. Sean and I both think that if we were to make a bazillion dollars someday, we would hire you as our personal yogi and fly you out to Seattle for weekly lessons. For the record, I had a borderline migraine when we came in to class and by the end of the session I was headache-free. This is priceless to me. Have a great week and we’ll see you in yoga class!