I’ve worked as a Registered Nurse for nearly ten years. Spending long hours on my feet, bending and twisting in ways the body is not meant to bend and twist, and working in a high stress environment eventually takes a toll on your mind and body. The last few years I’ve been experiencing lots of pain in various parts of my body.

I don’t like taking medication so I began looking for alternative ways to alleviate my pain. My doctor suggested I try yoga.

I’m so glad I took her advice. I took a few private lesson and immediately begin to feel relief in my neck pain so I decided to take Keith’s beginner yoga class. Combining the techniques I learned from the private lesson and the postures I learned in Keith’s class I have received significant reduction in my pain.

Some days I’m completely pain free.

Keith’s class taught me proper technique in postures and proper yoga breathing. One benefit that I received from the class that I never expected was the relaxation and stress reduction benefits yoga can provide. I’m very glad I took this class and would recommended this class for anyone looking to relieve pain, gain strength and flexibility, and lose a little stress in your life!!